My copywriting + consulting experience is mostly in the tech, fashion, beauty + wellness verticals. I specialize in naming, voice guides, concept development, content creating, digital content strategy, and writing + editing for E-commerce, social media, branding, Public Relations, Marketing, and editorial.

Client: Abercrombie & Fitch

Objective: To develop a fresh, playfully smart digital voice to be disseminated across all social platforms to fall in-line with the creative director’s new vision for the brand.

Client: HBO

Objective: RFP for second screen experiences for Game of Thrones + SXSWi installation

Contribution: Name, consulted on ideation


Objective: To name + conceptually consult on the idea of an in-store fitness studio, build out the brand identity, and develop a digital content strategy to optimize reach/growth.

Contribution: Created name, consulted on multi-channel copy, developed digital voice guide, developed template library for product descriptions, and wrote social copy, editorial copy, and email marketing copy.

Client: A.Day

Objective: To re-name the brand + develop a brand voice.

Contribution: Through a series of bespoke branding exercises + testing developed a new name that fit the decided upon criteria. The name was designed specifically to lend itself towards the content series #ADayWith.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.33.00 AM.png

Client: Grover

Objective: To re-name + relaunch the brand to US Market

Contribution: Through a series of bespoke branding exercising + extensive testing developed a new name + tag (Grover: Upgrade the way You Upgrade) that fit within the decided upon criteria. The name was designed to speak to an international audience with a focus on the US Market.

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